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Nowadays, respect for the environment must be everyone’s priority: especially Albanova’s. In fact, the company is known for its cutting-edge approach, leading to different green-oriented solutions:

  • Less plastic and plastic derivatives:  more and more brands are opting for eco compatible materials, a choice long encouraged and supported by Albanova. Specifically, the company’s working on a program to study and develop materials such as compostable bioplastics, cellulose, cardboard etc. with a smaller environmental footprint. 

Albanova takes part in the deployment of an innovative recycling waste system. The core of such system is a card graphically and electronically personalised by Albanova, which associates it to a specific database user. The internal software enables reading of a valid code and consequent opening of the waste bin which corresponds to a specific type of waste. The system provides tracking of the date and time of the transfer, the device where the waste was placed and who deposited it. So far, a total of about 500.000 cards have been issued to citizens living in 100 different towns in Northern Italy. 

Albanova has contributed as a partner in the production of Smart Cards allowing access to recharging columns for electric cars, encouraging an increasing e-mobility in our cities. These cards are suitable for every distribution point and communicate with an integrated sophisticated system managing the recharging stations. 

An innovative card for recycling waste

Whether by reducing sizes or by employing recyclable materials and certified, biodegradable packs, Albanova’s environmental mission is to produce a smaller and smaller carbon footprint. 

If each one of Albanova’s clients opted for the half SIMs, 2 tons of plastic would be saved within one year, resulting in up to 12 tons of CO2 emissions spared. 

And what about tomorrow? Albanova’s innovation will find the best way to offer its clients even greener solutions. 

Albanova always seizes opportunities raised by the “green” incentives of the telephone market with enthusiasm: hence, it became the Italian leader in terms of personalisation and fulfilment of a new type of SIM: the half SIM. To halve the size of an item while maintaining the exact same functions means significant saves on plastic. However, a new, ad hoc technology is needed, therefore Albanova’s engineering team has introduced numerous innovations regarding its supply chain, often personalising high performance equipment originally designed to work with the standard format. 

When talking about any green carrier employed in the project, Albanova guarantees its high standard for personalisation services and, as always, is eager to come up with even more innovative solutions. Packaging, enveloping, wrapping and fulfilment can be made with bio compatible or recyclable materials too. 

A card for e-mobility
The half SIM

Employing such materials often means developing ad hoc engineering solutions for the supply chain, so as to avoid any issue coming from the substances’ physical properties. 

Furthermore, sources of all material employed not only for trays, boxes, wrappers and for any packaging which implies the use of cardboard, but also for printed documentation in support of the products are certified according to the International FSC Regulation, which guarantees cellulose’s origin from responsible forests (according to environmental, social and economic standards).  

  • Energy saving: Albanova applies corporate sustainability in all shapes and forms by opting for sources of renewable energy, activating power saving programs in its offices and using as many recyclable products as possible.

  • Albanova is a committed partner of companies and institutions who stand up for the Earth, here are some examples:

To sum up: greener and greener
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