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Cards, products & Solutions 

Albanova offers a variety of solutions which include a wide range of products containing digital or analog data; carriers can differ in type and material. Cards represent Albanova’s wider domain and what it’s mostly known for, due also to the establishment of highly sophisticated processes that make the company one of the most innovative players in the field. 

Albanova can either participate in the whole process or offer specific solutions for one of its three stages:

  1. Personalisation

  2. Fulfilment

  3. Match-mailing and Shipping

Albanova is able to personalise a wide range of multi-level carriers, from creating eye-catching products (graphic personalisation) to actual personalisation through different technologies: optical, magnetic, digital. 


  • Graphic personalisation 

    • Monochrome thermal printing

    • Dye sublimation printing 

    • Re-transfer printing

    • Laser engraving

    • Embossing

    • Indenting 

  • Optical personalisation 

    • Barcode/QR code/… printing to enable recognition in read-only mode on optical devices

  • Magnetic personalisation 

    • Magnetic stripe writing to allow specific R/W by dedicated devices

  • Electric personalisation 

    • Writing of digital content on chips/smart cards to allow specific readers to read and write by the use of C-less or contact technology  


Albanova considers carrier personalisation and shipping as fundamental production stages: maximum care is required for classification and packaging of items containing personal data, and Albanova follows a strict security and check protocol. 

Albanova Offers

  • Incoming material inspection

  • Single cards wrapping, 4 seal edges

  • Flowpack: bag sealed at either ends with longitudinal fin

  • Over-wrapping (on packs containing already wrapped cards) 

  • Pouch assembling

  • Sealing and labelling, with pre-printed, on-site printed or on-site applied labels

  • Packaging in special tray

  • Final check

  • Packaging and final shipping according to the client’s specification

  • Preparation and shipping

Match-mailing and mailing service

Match-mailing is a delicate process: cards and personalised documents must be paired to their side letters, enveloped and shipped, a procedure that must be error free. Albanova guarantees 100% card-carrier matching thanks to a completely automatic system which rereads and checks variable data contained in the card, whether it be entered through barcode, magnetic stripe or microprocessor. Data needed for the preparation of the side letter is collected from the database and sent to the printer. The document is then transferred to a further station, where it’s checked once more before being paired to the card. Finally, the document is folded, enveloped and ready to be shipped.

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