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Your Solution Lab

Albanova has the ability to transform itself into a real lab, where the most varied ideas take shape thanks to its team’s design skills and tools. The company is not restricted to traditional orders: in fact, it might surprise you by coming up with solutions for your business which you wouldn’t even think of.  

Whether operating on a single production step or setting up an entire supply chain, Albanova offers its partners a complete design consisting of:

Many companies working in Albanova’s same field did ask for Albanova’s support during the execution of some complex stages of their contracts. This underlines not only Albanova’s skills regarding the whole technological area, but also its ability to adapt to any need.

Never competitors then, but partners more than ever before, willing to find the best solution once again together so as to satisfy the end customer.

Albanova is able to operate inside the partners’ corporate structure as if it were its own internal department, integrating both its own and the partners’ design processes and providing the clients with equipment, staff, SW and project management. 

One such example is the project implemented and carried out within Ghirlanda Smart Card Solutions, where Albanova has installed its own equipment and brought in its qualified staff. Inside Ghirlanda’s card personalisation service bureau, Albanova’s team designed and implemented a complex Card Management System providing a completely automatic management of bank card’s personalisation, match-mailing and shipping, along with a personalisation and fulfilment department dedicated to CRS and CNS (Regional Services Card and National Health Card for various Italian regions). Finally, sophisticated personalisation equipment (such as laser engraving and simultaneous encoding 10 Smart Cards) and softwares for encoding, process management, quality check and reporting’s preparation and editing have been employed by Albanova in order to deliver about 20 million health cards. 

Outsourcing projects

Among the various solutions, Albanova is able to realise, for example:

  • Advanced access control systems for both people and vehicles, with lots of multi service applications integrated in the identification medium

  • High security identification systems, e.g:

    • Picking up/deposit certification for valuables and armoured trucks 

    • Identification systems for electric car recharging 

    • Management and integration of digital signature devices

  • Identification and product rating systems for inventory management purposes, by applying smart labels on either the actual product or its packaging

  • Product tracking, anti-counterfeiting and quality check systems (e.g: storage temperature check)

  • Exclusive events accreditation cards with magnetic stripe or optical/digital labels, allowing access to the location and on-time registration (customers have a wide range of cards to choose from in terms of size/format, material and branding and the invitation package is set ready for use at the moment of shipping).

The ability to address the most complex requirements with a wide range of technological solution is what makes Albanova the ideal partner for System Integrators, Advisors, Marketing and Communication, ADV, Design, Public Relations, Graphic & Printing, Cultural and Show business Operators and anyone who wishes to offer original and tailor made services to their clients or to their audience.

  • Analysis of project requirements and targets

  • Feasibility study and design

  • Development and supplying of HW and SW components

  • Implementation 

  • Integration in business processes

  • Staff training 

  • Project’s technical documentation

  • Reporting 

Insourcing projects
Creative design
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