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Know how at the core

Since day 1, Albanova follows each production step in real time, starting from the database provided by clients up to the final product and its shipping. The process is known as “interconnection” and it consists in an accurate and statistical monitoring of production progress with corresponding reporting of service levels, as well as a check on the already produced card. 

Moreover, real time card production tracking can be made available online for our clients. 

Interconnection is a part of the accurate production design, which is analysed through a WBS process (Work Breakdown Structure): thus, the work is broken down into elements that are more manageable and can be easily shared with both customers and partners.  Each WBS process is then further detailed, allowing Albanova to identify key people for each individual operation (WBE - Work Breakdown Elements) and providing the client with on time feedback. 

Introducing innovation in each project stage is another trademark skill of ours: Albanova believes that project design skill means ability to generate tools for a new product. 

Neverending innovation
  • Albanova was the first company able to manage a completely new size of telephone SIM cards.

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