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Security System Process

Everyday, big databases containing personal data are entrusted to Albanova. A consistent level of security is assured through two important measures:

  1. Verification of the exact transcription of data and of its matching with carriers, as well as on-time monitoring throughout the whole production process. Product tracking is key during each stage: Albanova makes sure each single item is delivered exclusively into the hands of its beneficiary, with an error rate that’s close to zero;

  2. Employment of the most sophisticated security systems when it comes to data exchange and digital storage, such as advanced encryption and anti-hacking techniques.  

Thanks to these skills, companies such as Gruppo Battistolli - leader among security services companies - have chosen Albanova. 

An individual ID card for service staff, made by Albanova, is required to certify withdrawals/deposits receipts.

Furthermore, Albanova has been asked to embed user’s digital signature on cards for the most different reasons. Both private companies and public institutions are among these clients. 

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