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A team at your disposal

Albanova is not only a company, but also a team at your disposal, made up of experts who have contributed firsthand in the development of most systems employed in the field. Such professionals have created a reality that’s adaptable to your needs, where the very heads of the engineering and design field run the entire process from A to Z.

You there, what are you waiting for? Come join us in Albanova’s world! 

A reliable partner

You can find it in your smartphone, in your wallet, in your business cards, and even in the products you buy: Albanova is the best solution for realising any kind of card or of any other carrier holding and exchanging digital or analog data. 

Know how at the core

Our model focuses on know-how in the field of technological innovation, allowing us to either design and entirely develop the best solution for your business or offer support in each specific step of the production chain: Personalisation, Fulfilment, Match-mailing and Mailing Services. 

Maximum security

Albanova ensures a consistent level of security throughout the whole production process, with documented security requirements and clear commitment from management. 


Respect for the environment is key to Albanova: as a company, we favour green-oriented solutions such as biocompatible materials and projects aimed at reducing plastic waste and CO2 emissions. Likewise, we are committed partners with companies and institutions who stand up for the Earth. 

a company of choice

Albanova has been selected by some of the top players belonging to various fields: telcom, trade marketing, public or private transports, small and large companies of any kind. The common thread is a need for the right solution at the right time. 

Your solutions lab

Albanova’s engineering team will use their skills to give life to your ideas: together with you they will form a true lab where even the most innovative project can take shape. 

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